Environmental Chemistry

ISSN 0254-6108

CN 11-1844/X

Brief Introduction

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Environmental Chemistry (ISSN 0254-6108), is a peer-reviewed journal established in 1982. It is sponsored by the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and monthly published by Science Press.

Environmental Chemistry is an important journal in China and included in many important retrieval systems and citation databases at home and broad, such as CA (Chemical Abstracts), JST China (Japan Science and Technology Agency (Chinese Bibliographic Database),CSA(Cambridge Science Abstracts, AJ(Abstract Journal, VINITI), CSTPCD( Chinese Science and Technology Paper Citation Database), and CSCD(Chinese Science Citation Database) and so on. It is appreciated by the researchers from kinds of research institute in the environmental chemistry field including the universities, institute of environmental research, environmental monitoring stations, and so on.

The journal comprises subjects as original research on all aspects of chemistry related to environment problems, such as sources, sinks, transfer, transformation, distribution, reactions, effects and fate of pollutants in air, water, soil and ecosystem, and also publishes the development and application of new chemical methods, monitoring, analysis, characterization of pollutants and trace amounts of naturally occurring active chemicals in the environment. Toxicity, removal and safety of pollutants are also the main topic. Development, modification and automation of instruments and green techniques to control pollutants will also be part of the journal.



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